Bag This, Walmart! (#115)

A trip to Ukiah, CA from Caspar Beach is 60 miles. One way! Why would I go there? Spend all that time and gas on a 120 mile round trip. One word – Walmart!

I decided when I came to the North Coast, a challenge to reach from any direction, that I would treat myself to a Walmart trip only once a month.

So I found myself in my car heading for Wally World driving Highway 20 over numerous hairpin turns. Think about making the letter “S” with your car for one hour while going up and down mountains at no more than 15 to 20 miles an hour. It makes your arms and shoulders sore just thinking about it!

It’s only truly scary when you make yet another blind hairpin turn and see a humongous log truck coming toward you. Times like that I think about a “Far Side” cartoon where the driver has a maniacal grin and is yelling “No Brakes!”

But without incident I finally reached the town of Willits. From there, another 20 miles down Highway 101 and I was at the Walmart store.

It’s a unique place. Rain or shine, there’s a small band of homeless druggies who sit under the trees off to one side of the store. I swear if I never see another white person with dreadlocks, it’ll be too soon.

So I go into the store. Meander around getting some supplies. After about an hour I’m ready to leave.

At the check-out, I’m busy piling my groceries and supplies on the conveyor belt. With the last item placed I look up and see the cashier has been scanning my stuff and then placing it loosely all over the place. Not in bags!

So I ask her What gives??? She replies that this particular Walmart no longer uses plastic bags. But you can purchase our reusable bags!

Do you think you could have informed me of that….before you put my stuff all hither and yon???

She just looks wearily at me and says Do you want to buy the bags?

I am utterly amused and think for sure that I am on Candid Camera. Somewhere, someone hidden is laughing hysterically at my revolting predicament.

On principle I say No! Gathering all my stuff back into my cart, I pay for it and walk out…..with a plan!

Back up the highway in Willits, I find that wonderful store, The Dollar Tree. Where everything is actually only Une Dollare! (One Dollar)

In there I purchase the most practical full-size and sturdy reusable bags that fold up into themselves and look just like….. fruit! Strawberries and Watermelons! They have a drawstring and can hang from my purse strap ready to use. Bag this, Walmart!

I am in Heaven! I swear I hear a chorus of angels singing Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

Joy! Tin Can Annie

About TinCanTraveler

Born under a wand'rin' star.... living in my Winnebago, traveling the country, explorer/adventurer, photographer, writer, chi master, massage therapist, retired teacher/counselor, work camper. Grateful for the freedom to do it all. Enjoying life's ultimate lessons of trust, respect, and grace. Inhale love; exhale gratitude.
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9 Responses to Bag This, Walmart! (#115)

  1. Cyndy says:

    Walmart doesn’t know who they are dealing with , so there!

  2. Sher says:

    That’s a new one on me! No bags???? I only thought they did that in Aldi’s and in Europe. thanks for the heads up – I will be sure to keep bags in my car from now on! So good to know. You tell ’em, Annie!

  3. Arianna says:

    My birthday is coming up soon, and all I have on my list are those adorable fruit baggies! ;D

  4. guy says:

    seabiscuit is buried in willits

  5. Teresa says:

    Interesting bit of trivia. Being a native California gal, I love it. Thanks Guy!

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