Super Dodge (#92)

I had the most wonderful adventure on Wednesday. It all started with the tamale lady. It ended with a serendipitous event involving a man with a big heart, a “Super Dodge” truck, and a mountain top picnic.

First off, the tamale lady came into the Palo Verde Cafe & Lounge where I work as a waitress. She was selling some of her family’s homemade tamales. There were two kinds: “puerco” (pork) and “pollo” (chicken). Another of the staff had ordered them the past week and raved about how good they were.   So I ordered a half dozen of the chicken tamales.

Well, then I had to decide what I was going to do with six tamales. Easy! I invited my friend, Richard for a hike out to the Bouse Fisherman Intaglio and a picnic in the desert.

On my day off we headed north on Route 95 to Plomosa Road, a couple of miles outside Quartzsite and drove about seven miles to a scenic pull-off. Then we hiked to the Intaglio which is a picture etched into the desert floor by long gone Native Americans of what appears to be a fisherman spearing fish.

We wandered around the area, taking pictures, and musing about how the Intaglio was still mostly intact after so many hundreds of years. Surviving on the desert floor through an onslaught of sun and wind and rain could not be easy.

After that we went back to the truck with me, of course, stepping on every cactus needle along the way. What can I say. Cacti love me. Ow! It’s not an easy love.

From there we decided to head further down Plomosa Road to find a more scenic area to enjoy our picnic. Not three miles along we saw an historical marker telling us that an adjacent dirt road led to Quinn’s Pass.

The sign said that many years ago a man named Quinn from way back east New Jersey had come to this part of the desert, built a home and lived here. It did not give any clues as to why Quinn did this. Maybe he had gone crackers or just wanted to get the heck out of New Jersey.

Going up the dirt road we came to a rise and stopped to get our bearings. That’s when we saw it. At the bottom of the hill stuck in a ditch sat a Ford truck with an elderly couple trying to get the vehicle unstuck.  They were only digging themselves in deeper.

Without hesitation Richard drove down the hill, got out a great big towing chain and offered to pull them out. Less than five minutes later they were happily thanking him and on their way back to the main road.

We continued on the dirt road to the top of Quinn’s Pass and saw a hidden valley stretching out before us. This was the perfect picnic spot. With picnic cooler in tow we set up our camp chairs on the mountain rim, enjoying the vista and munching on homemade “pollo” tamales.

An added enjoyment for Richard: definite bragging rights!  Super Dodge had rescued a Ford. It just has to be a guy thing!

Joy! Annie

(aka Tin Can Traveler)

About TinCanTraveler

Born under a wand'rin' star.... living in my Winnebago, traveling the country, explorer/adventurer, photographer, writer, chi master, massage therapist, retired teacher/counselor, work camper. Grateful for the freedom to do it all. Enjoying life's ultimate lessons of trust, respect, and grace. Inhale love; exhale gratitude.
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2 Responses to Super Dodge (#92)

  1. Sher says:

    The guy from New Jersey – I’m sure he just wanted to get out of New Jersey…….I did! I do go back from time to time as I have relatives still living there 🙂 Hey, your friend sounds like a real handy guy to have around! Kudos to Richard!

  2. Arianna says:

    Wow! A wonderful adventure indeed!

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